Goldic - Produto Biológico

Goldic Sport

Sports injuries and trauma in elite athletes during their sports activity or as a result of it are the subject of intense investigation in order to enhance their recovery and regeneration.

As a result of this worldwide investigation to discover medical devices that promote fast and permanent recovery, Goldic® has emerged – a unique technique within autologous regenerative medicine.

Goldic - Produto Biológico

The aim is that the treatment of the patient takes into account their individual circumstances and in order to integrate their body’s regenerative capacity, exogenous biological activators, medical devices and clinical staff in an interdisciplinary way that can achieve the desired results.

Goldic® helps the doctor in his individual therapy of the patient and through the cytokines present in the blood, together with the other growth factors present in the enriched serum. The plasma regenerative capacity is enhanced and allows treatment without side effects. The prepared serum is injected at the injury site, accelerating the regenerative processes and eliminating the pain.