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All of our biological products are recommended for the treatment of sports injuries and trauma in elite athletes during their sports activity in order to enhance their recovery and regeneration.

Goldic - Produto Biológico
Goldic Sport

The regenerative capacity allows treatment without side effects. The serum is injected into the injury site, accelerating regenerative processes and eliminating pain.

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ChondroFiller Liquid - Produto Biológico
ChondroFiller Liquid

ChondroFiller Liquid can be used to treat well-defined lesions in the articular cartilage, such as the knee, shoulder or ankle and under arthroscopy.

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TendoVis - Produtos Biológicos

Specially designed for tendons and ligaments, it helps to recover tendinopathies quickly and effectively, while relieving pain symptoms.

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SportVis - Produto biológico

It is especially recommended for high competition athletes who need quick and permanent recovery.

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RenehaVis - Produto biológico

RenehaVis is the only hyaluronic acid with two molecular weights in a single double-plunger syringe of different concentrations.

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