About us

Why work with us

Endotécnica believes that it is their duty and responsibility to support, educate and inform all agents of the health universe in Portugal. It intends to meet your needs and raise its daily practices to the highest level of quality. It wants to pursue excellence with efficiency and control to provide state-of-the-art goods and services at a reasonable cost, both for the public purse and for the private patient.

It is our responsibility to guarantee an unparalleled, impeccable and highly specialized service. All our employees receive individual and certified training, keeping up to date and informed about all specific protocols and circuits in the European and worldwide clinical universe. Endotécnica believes in continuous and demanding training without forgetting the individuality of each employee and their personal and family obligations.

Endotécnica is part of the Portuguese, European community, and does not forget the values ​​and creeds that guide modern and global citizenship. It aims to achieve success without forgetting the ethical and moral principles of its founders. We all intend to be innovative, pioneering, effective and human. Determined in the objectives, but without ignoring the compassion and social values ​​worthy of a 21st century company.


The vast majority of Endotécnica’s activities in Portuguese territory. Its headquarters are in the municipality of Oeiras and it is in the national territory that it contributes with its taxes and obligations. In its daily activity, it obeys the rules defined for good environmental practices and in all its installations the separation of garbage for recycling is carried out.

Our mission

Our main objective is the development of new medical treatment concepts, always following an innovative perspective, of technological and scientific vanguard, that differentiate us from the competition. These are our fundamental strategic principles.

Endotécnica embraces and promotes a paradigm shift in health and seeks to identify and explore all new opportunities that can advance medical care provided by excellent Portuguese health professionals. We will always have the patient’s well-being as a priority and we insist on the choice of quality, technologically advanced and differentiating products, which are presented to the medical community by employees of unquestionable character and training.

António José Rebelo, President of the Administration